Status Updates on SDG Tracker Website

This website is an Open Institute ‘side-nyake’ (Kiswahili slang for side projects). We do side-Nyake projects because we think their are fun, because they help us to strengthen our knowledge in different aspects - data, code and most importantly the subject matter (in this case, we all have learnt a lot of detail about the sustainable development goals).

Our hope in doing this project is to do some applied learning to enable us have conversations about how to monitor the sustainable development goals over the next 15 years. We welcome the partnership of other organisations who care about this issue (and who may know more about it than us) to help improve this tool.

This website is currently in alpha. We are still working on it. We still have much to do to curate data, to code, to improve the data visualisations, to get more data (See the data we currently have on the Data Catalogue). As we continue to work on it, we shall keep you updated using this page both on tech and data updates. If you have some skills that you would like to share in any respect, please do contact us - the more the merrier.

Latest Updates - September 25, 2015

Whats working:

Currently these are the Goals/Indicators that are working. We are constantly working on them. Keep visiting this page for new updates.

  • Goal 1:
    • Proportion of population below $1.25 (PPP) per day (MDG Indicator)
    • Proportion of population living below national poverty line, by urban/rural (modified MDG Indicator)
    • Multidimensional Poverty Index
    • Total fertility rate
  • Goal 2:
    • Prevalence of stunting and wasting in children under 5 years of age
  • Goal 3:
    • Maternal mortality ratio (MDG Indicator) and rate
    • Neonatal, infant, and under-5 mortality rates
  • Goal 4:
    • Tertiary enrollment rates for women and men
  • Goal 5:
    • Proportion of seats held by women in national parliament
  • Goal 6:
    • Percentage of population using safely managed water services, by urban/rural (modified MDG Indicator)
    • Proportion of water resources used
  • Goal 7:
    • Population using reliable electricity - Access to electricity (% of population)
  • Goal 8:
    • GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$)
    • Working poverty rate measured at $2 PPP per capita per day
  • Goal 9:
    • Mobile Broadband Subscription
    • Manufacturing value added (MVA) as percent of GDP
  • Goal 11:
    • Percentage of urban population living in slums or informal settlements (MDG Indicator)
  • Goal 12:
    • Consumption of ozone-depleting substances (MDG Indicator) UNEP Ozone Secretariat
  • Goal 13:
    • CO2 intensity of new power generation capacity installed (gCO2 per kWh), and of new cars (gCO2/pkm) and trucks (gCO2/tkm)
  • Goal 14:
    • Share of coastal and marine areas that are protected
  • Goal 15:
    • Area of forest under sustainable forest management as a percent of forest area
  • Map Change By Dragging The Years:
    • Now you don't have to go through the hassle of selecting options from a drop down menu. We have made it easier for you. To save your precious time, you can now drag to a specific year using your mouse cursor, just above the maps.
  • Dataset Download
    • You can now download each indicator's dataset in CSV (Comma Separated Values) and Xls (Excel) formats under their respective goals
  • Comparison By Country

What we are working on now:

  • Uploading datasets

What’s giving us a hard time: